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Nine circles

These are the nine circles I sit before when I drum, which is pretty much every day. Note that I have a djembe where the snare usually resides, between my legs. I’ve taught myself to play with open instead of crossed hands (usually drummers play with right hand on the hi-hat, above the left on the snare). I’m still learning how to get my feet working so that they are the dominant force, the foundation of my beats, and my hands are the icing on top. Getting my left leg moving has helped a lot; it was always pretty static, and my rolls are much more in time now that the left leg is doing double time.

Learning how to play the drums is a lifelong journey. It’s almost like learning to be in my own body. When I concentrate on what one part of me is doing, another is drifting out of focus. The real Zen is being absolutely relaxed, yet 100% focused. This zone can only be achieved when I’m warmed up and I’ve found a beat that I’m confident in. I guess it’s like most other things in life: being present but not locking into over-control mode.