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Nie kak praat nie

I’m learning how to breathe properly. Part of the process is taping up my mouth at night; in so doing, I train my brain to breathe through my nose. Ancient tribes nose breathe — only modern humans and over-heating dogs are mouth-breathers. I got the tip to stop my jaw dropping from the book The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown (check his stuff here) whose work is all about improving performance and quality of life by optimising our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

I’m lucky: my wife, who bought the book, is a movement teacher (check out so I get to learn about all sorts of ways to keep myself in better shape, in addition to the 45 minutes of walking I do each morning and 30 minutes of yoga and weights … plus drumming in the evening. It’s all part of staying strong and positive as I stay clean (17 years now!) and close in on being 60. I still look like a skinny-ass with a boep, so I shudder to think what I would look like if I just sat at my desk!

Oh ja, that’s another thing: these days I stand for at least 50% of the day while I work. It’s better for my concentration and posture, and my neck doesn’t suffer as much. I’ve also learned from my wife how to use rubber balls to loosen up my neck and back, which she learned from Jill Miller. Her whole family now uses Miller’s techniques when they get stressed!

Anyway, it’s great to get out my head and into my body, cos it feels like I just get sucked into the internet for most of my waking time. And if taping up my mouth works and I learn to nose breathe, I might just get to stop snoring .. bonus!

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