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Comments from those who’ve read Three Foot Tiger

From Donald Pinnock, author of Gang Town and a host of other books:

I’ve just finished Three Foot Tiger, which I read over two days. Couldn’t put it down. Brilliant! Derek is a very skilled writer and storyteller (not the same thing). His humour is built into the structure of his sentences, a skill that is most uncommon. I hope he sells a zillion copies. To say he’s had an interesting life is a wide understatement. He is also almost scathingly honest and also so self-aware. Yo! I am in awe.


From Nandine Hartig:

Loved this book. It somehow gave me permission to acknowledge some aspects of my own childhood journey into adolescence and eventual adulthood (though my journey was mostly very different to Derek’s) and the questions, reflections, realisations and insights one reaches along the way …


From Melinda Ferguson, author of Smacked and several other books:

Reading about the bands and the drugs and all the people that we both knew has really taken me back to the madness of those times when we were all trying to find our way through the hell-hole of South Africa. Very cool book.


From Carsten Rasch, author of Between Rock and a Hard Place:

An unnervingly honest account of Derek’s well-misspent youthful years fucking around in bands like Vader Jakob that start up nowhere with nothing, but keep morphing until they reach a form that seems to please themselves, and their audience. I was there too, in awe of Live Jimi Presley’s outrageous performances. A good, if sometimes harrowing read. Not available in a bookstore near you, naturally. Derek Davey


From Kate Shand, author of Boy: The Story of My Teenage Son’s Suicide:

Derek is a very fine writer. He takes us on a journey deep into himself: the painful, the ugly, the messy and the sensitive. Rhodesia, apartheid South Africa, the SADF, Rhodes, Joburg. It’s a rollercoaster ride of angry young man: sex, drugs and rock and roll, and some peace as he finally evolves into a really cool adult. Go to his website, buy it, read it!


From musician Andrew Kay:

It’s so well written, hilarious in parts, brutally honest. I found the book to be somewhat emotionally exhausting. It’s a great book, well worth the read.


From Alison Love: 

An honest, no-holds barred, sometimes chaotic remembrance of a life lived to the fullest thus far, Three Foot Tiger is an engaging and at times poignant read.  Derek’s work captures perfectly the impossibly difficult task of growing up white with a conscience in the dying days of apartheid South Africa and the psychological toll that exacted. Derek’s self-analysis as he laid bare his life, warts and all, from his early childhood in Rhodesia through the apartheid era South Africa, worlds/countries that no longer exist, leaves one feeling uplifted and surprisingly vindicated in one’s own life choices.  This has not been the easiest hand for any of us to play, but Three Foot Tiger makes you feel better about how the game has worked out.