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Three Foot Tiger

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The print version of my book costs R300, plus postage. Write to to order yours

The online version of my book costs R150.

Here are some pointers:

  • When you buy my online book, you can download it EITHER from the products page, or wait for the email and download it from there. But you cannot download it twice!
  • Keep the download in a safe place
  • The blue words are links that take you to YouTube songs and videos
  • Click on the chapter you want in the Table of Contents and you will arrive at that chapter. This will save you lots of scrolling time

Three Foot Tiger 2

2 reviews for Three Foot Tiger

  1. admin

    Derek Davey has written a memoir that in its pathos and authenticity deserves to be mandatory reading for any South African man born between 1960 and 1976. His journey into the troubling pathologies that bedevil men of that generation – the “square peg” boys – is both funny and extremely touching. As a documentary snapshot of a lengthy social transition no one expected to succeed, Three Foot Tiger is indispensable. It’ll save you a fortune in psychotherapy fees. – Nick Hauser

  2. Martin Battaliou

    A remarkably accurate account of the demise of Apartheid from an artist’s perspective. Some of the most extreme injuries are left out, both men and women scarred for life, and the death of groupie/gimp Aidan. An unforgettable read, and something you would wish to share with your friends.

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