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Meaning. Clients want the core meaning of their product or service to clearly and immediately emerge in the story you write for them. I’ve learned that readers must also be intrigued while they grasp this essence, or they’ll quickly click onto something else.

I’m a seasoned writer and editor with a Journalism degree and Master’s in Psychology. I produce accurate, innovative work – usually well before the deadline. I’ve worked for Johannesburg newspapers for nearly three decades, including The Star, The Sowetan and as editor of The Northcliff Melville Times.

For the last five years I’ve worked for the Mail & Guardian, writing stories and subbing commercial features. I’ve done literally thousands of advertorials, transforming clients’ turgid content into fluid, readable copy.

I’ve also done some freelance work on the side: in 2016 I wrote four chapters for the book India South Africa: Trade and Investment Partners. In 2017 I helped write the annual report for SABS. I wrote and edited stories for education magazine The Teacher for three years, and I’ve done several stories for Music in Africa on local musicians, which also featured in the Mail & Guardian art section.

I’ve also written a memoir, which is on sale on this site, just click below

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